How to completely reinstall BloodHound (SI Software Suite)

These instructions are for customers who wish to completely reinstall the SharkIndicators Software Suite.


Please follow these steps in order and do not skip any steps:
1) In the NinjaTrader Control Center>Strategy Tab, remove any strategies that are using Raven or BlackBird.
2) Close NinjaTrader.
3) Open up the Windows' Control Panel and look for "Uninstall A Program".
4) Search for SharkIndicators or BloodHound and uninstall it
5) Restart your computer (important)

Now that BloodHound is removed from your computer, we need to check for compile errors with your remaining indicators.

6) Go to ...\Documents\NinjaTrader 7\bin\Custom
7) Delete any files that contain Sharkindicators, PLUS or Ninject (You can leave the files that have a .lic extension, ordering by file type helps, , see this link:​))
8) Go to ...\Documents\NinjaTrader 7\templates\Indicator and delete SiBloodHound.xml (if it exists)
9) Go to ...\Documents\NinjaTrader 7\templates\Strategies and delete SiRaven.xml and SiBlackBird.xml (if they exist)​
10) Open NinjaTrader and in its Control Center go to Tools > Edit NinjaScript > Indicator...
11) Select any indicator in that list.
12) Once the indicator's code window appears, Right-Click > Compile

This compiles all of your installed indicators. If you see errors, you can try to remove any related indicators and try the compile again, or send us a screenshot of the error section, fully expanded.

Once you see there are no compile errors, please proceed...
13) Close NinjaTrader
14) Run the SharkIndicators-Installer that matches your maintenance expiration date. To find the installer for you, please follow this link to input your information about the product you own to receive the correct download:

If there are any questions, please contact us at

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