Which Solver to use for Stochastic

Hello Jeremy,

I’ve already spent few hours to find out which Solver I need to use for Entry signal generating by Stoch K & D values and crossover.
Buy entry at K & D uptrend Crossover and D below 45
Sell entry at K & D downtrend Crossover and D above 55

It would be very helpful if you make some kind of list & samples showing which solver is good for which indicator generally in what condition.

Definitely BroodHound’ll save tremendous amount of my time and money from strategy developments.



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    Hi jahn,

    I like your list idea.  I’m thinking we could come up with a check list chart, listing general indicator types on one axis and the Solvers on the other axis.  Hmmm… Jeremy & I will work on this.

    Jeremy’s next task is to post videos to our YouTube channel, and I will be finishing the examples for the Solvers.

    We will be hosting Workshop webinars soon, so please keep checking in or subscribe to our email list here at the bottom of the page.

    I liked your Stochastic question, so I added it as an example for the Crossover solver reference.

    I hope this helps, and thanks for the ideas.

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    Hi Jack,

    I appreciate you for adding an example to set multi-value treshold for Stoch K & D values.  From your example now I understand how to set treshold values.

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    You’re welcome. We like taking real indicator analysis that traders are using and turning them into examples.

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