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I was just wondering if a slope of an EMA can be programmed when used on a tick chart. If so, is the slope determined by the movement off of a horizontal plane, of a specific angle. Is just the pointing up or down detected. As you can see, I know very little about programming, and I just wanted to know if 2 or more EMA’s or other types of lines line up, when all point in the same direction, if this can be programmed. I hope you are able to understand what I am asking. Also, can a bloodhound study them be set to auto trade with ninjatrader. Thanks for your understanding.  Mike

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    Here is NinjaTrader’s description of slope.  Not very helpful, so here is a better explanation on Wikipedia.  Delta X = 1 per bar, delta Y is determined by price movement in ticks.  Each tick = 1.

    Slope works on all charts.

    Regarding slope of EMA’s aligning;  Yes, add a Slope solver for each moving average.  Then join them with a And logic node.

    Here is our page for setting up a auto-trading strategy.

    I hope I’ve answered you questions.

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