What bar does BloodHound enter a trade, the signal bar or the next bar open?


This depends on two factors of your strategy:

  1. How your custom strategy is coded.
  2. The CalculateOnBarClose setting in your strategy.

Right now, the behavior of the example strategy file given in the documentation section relies on the setting in item (2).

Please visit this link to NinjaTrader’s documentation for complete reference:

Informative Tip:  NinjaTrader separates Indicators and Strategies into different components.  BloodHound is an indicator, which does not place the trade, rather your strategy will place the trade.  Indicators are fed into strategies as source data for a strategy's logic.  Strategies place trades and manage them.   Bloodhound is an indicator that can generate entry & exit signals for a strategy.

Please visit this link to NinjaTrader's Strategy documentation for a more complete reference:

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