Using Bool type of indicator

Trying to determine when indicator is indicating uptrend or downtrend. Not sure best practice but, I’m using the “Indicator Threshold” solver.

When adding the “TSSuperTrend” indicator’, the section titled “Specify Plots for Long and Short” has “BoolSeries” listed in the “Type” column.

The Plots column is titled “Trend” & I have both long and short checked.

I can set solver to Evaluate “Long only” and set Thresholds “A” to “1″ & “Long Output” / ”At A or Greater” to 1.

The LONG outputs work fine but, I’ve copied the solver and tried for “Short Only” and ensure that I’m using the “SHORT Output” section and I cannot get the Short output no matter what combinations I try.

HELP… I’m sure it’s just a non-intuitive error on my part. Thx in advance guys..

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    Randy Owen

    I was finally able to Evaluate for "Short only" with the longs.

    Apparently, the second Threshold solver has to use the next threshold in line (B) ?      which is left at zero for the Bool value.

    I then used the "Short Output" / "At B" with a 1 for the output..

    Not sure if this is the correct way to go about using a BoolSeries in an indicator but, it works for me & I hope it might be helpful to others...

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