Interest in making fully automated trading system on existing indicators

Originally from ticket #145.


I am interested in putting together a fully automated system on indicators that I currently use/have on Ninjatrader. Does your software do this?

Best Regards,

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    Jeremy Tang

    Hi Rustin,

    BloodHound is designed specifically for this purpose, yes. You can take 
    your indicators and by specifying your criteria within BloodHound, create 
    entry signals (and optionally exit signals). We have a NinjaTrader strategy 
    called SiRaven (packaged with BloodHound) that will enter positions and 
    create simple profit targets and stop losses.

    All this can be done without the need to NinjaScript, however if you do 
    require more control with the management of your trades, you can write your 
    own custom strategies incorporating BloodHound to quickly specify your 


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    Michelle Pace

    Hi Jeremy,

    I am still on the trial version. When you say SiRaven will do simple trade management, are you talking about setting the Profit Targets / Stop Loss within the Bloodhound strategy (ie Ctrl S)?

    Also, I would like to be able to put a trailing stop in two bars back (or at the previous swing) as soon as I have hit breakeven. Will I need to be able to code in order to do this or can Bloodhound help me?


    Thanks in advance, Michelle


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