How do I get the code to my logic template solution?

Originally from ticket #186.

HI Guys...

Is it possible to extract the raw code for the sovlers that I've built? I"d
like put them in a strategy that I already have and use them as a filter...



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    Jeremy Tang

    Hi Brian,

    The way to do this with BloodHound is to take your original strategy code, and then add BloodHound as an indicator to it. Then check BloodHound's outputs/plots before checking your conditions to trade. You'll still benefit from having BloodHound as a real-time filter engine, where you can tweak your filters on the fly. Additionally you can create different filter designs via multiple Logic templates, and then swap between them as the market conditions change. BloodHound does not emit code so this is the only way to integrate it with a custom strategy.

    For detailed information and examples on how to accomplish this, visit these pages in our documentation:


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    George Platis

    Jeremy, you should seriously think  to produce an OPEN CODED  BH version which can offer the ability to the traders to see the Internal BH'ss code and then  develop their own ideas by adding their own code. I do not think that is  a big deal or a big secret the BH's Internal code  if you let Free BH's tool's and functionalities (or at least some of them's).

    Such a product (at least a "lighter" version) would make  traders, who want and  have coding capabilities, to create& develop their own startegies. In such a product you may add additional tools (e.g. tools for the trader to easily include in their own code advanced scientific mathametical functions,  etc)  You may keep, if you like,  some  of BH's Internal parts as "black boxes"  that may or may not be able to be able to be connnected,  as such,  with the trader's  code (e.g. as function calls) and/or be able to be connected, as such, on a canvas in a typical Logic diagram with other parts of the trader's code.

    .So  the idea is that you are kindly requested and strongly encouraged to produce and present to the global Market a such (or similar) "open coded"  BH version. Nothing "tecnical" is impossible. So what do you say ? are you ready to think about it and be THE FIRST WHO will offer to the trader's WORLD such a product  and make the BIG difference? 

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