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These are good questions. I will post this to our public forum.

Is the data blood hound uses to test strategies based on Ninja data?
> Yes.

(I find this rather weak and limited. E.g. I'd love to be able to test some intra-day CL strategies for 3-5 years for rigor, but data isn't available.)
> That depends on who your data provider is. Some provide more historical data than others. You can also purchase tick data and import it. In 2009 I purchased tick data for the ES from 1997 to 2009. I forget who the company was, I do remember they were in France.

I suspect things like Trade Station are better for this.
> NT can import data from TS. NT has an indicator for TS that exports data to NT's format. See NT's Help documentation for more info...

Is there any tweak built into blood hound, where I can adjust when a particular system stops trading via manipulating the system's equity curve. e.g. When whatever indicator(s) set on equity curve gives sell signal, stop trading this particular system.
> No. Equity curve data is only available to strategies (with NT). BH is an indicator. NT does not pass strategy data to indicators. We do have a product in development that is the strategy companion to BH, called Falcon, that we could incorporate this capability into it. Thx for the suggestion.

So I understand better, (aside from being able to add extra detailed tweaks) would your product test a simple system better than the NINJA strategy analyzer as far as accuracy is concerned?
> BH is an add-on indicator for NT, therefore BH is constrained to NT framework. That would require a re-write of how NT parses it's bar data.

Will BH accept accept any recognize any data type, even more exotic ones? e.g. I suspect your familiar with range bars, tick charts, etc. However, I've noticed everytime I test systems with an exotic renko type bar my results & equity curve are almost perfect. That is obviously impossible, so I'm wondering if BH reads and analyzes better than Ninja.
> No. Once again, BH is an indicator and the price data passed to BH is controlled by NT's framework. BH does not create it's own price bars. Your equity curve is better with "exotic" bartypes because they modify the Open price of the bar giving a false & better entry price. Only back-test using bartypes that use the "true"/correct opening price of the bar. "Exotic" bartypes suck traders into a false sense of profitability, because the true price has been manipulated, and therefore can't be back-tested.

Lastly, I've been working with a purchased Ninja 3rd party system. Would I need permission from programmer to incorporate BH with my testing in order to amalgamate the two?
> Not if the other vendor follows Ninja's programming conventions for exposing their indicators data. If the data is not exposed you may request that they do so, and we would be glad to discuss this with them. Here is a video link to help you determine if the data is exposed...

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