Would I have access to any existing trading systems/strategies?



If I were to purchase your software, would I have access to any existing trading systems/strategies which you've determined profitable? I have some strategies which may be profitable, but I don't really have anything solid. So, I was just wondering how you could help me in that area?



Hi Fred, first thanks for your interest.

While we don't make any suggestions about the profitability of our systems due to legal reasons, we quite often demonstrate how to create very common aspects of trading systems and even whole trading systems that professional traders use today. These are usually done in the weekly workshops, and their corresponding systems can be downloaded here:


Under "BloodHound Templates". You can Navigate to them through our website by going to "BloodHound"->"Learn BloodHound"->"Downloads".

In the future however, what we plan on having is a systems marketplace (much like the IPhone's App Store) where users can share/sell successful systems with each other right in a BloodHoung ecosystem. Having seen some pretty amazing systems out there from some of our customers, I'll be this will be quite a hit.


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