Manual Removal of SharkIndicators Software

If you are having issues running the Installer or uninstalling the software automatically, or if you immediately start getting errors when adding BloodHound or BlackBird to a chart, or errors that mention keywords, such as <module>, then please follow this manual uninstall process:

Part A

  1. Close NinjaTrader
  2. Open up File Explorer and go to your ...\NinjaTrader 7\bin\Custom\  directory
  3. Remove the following files:

    Sharkindicator files to delete to insure a complete uninstall.png

Part B

ONLY PERFORM THESE STEPS IF 'DEVELOPER EXTENSIONS' WAS CHECKED WHEN YOU RAN THE INSTALLER.  Developer Extensions is Unchecked by default, so if you are not sure then skip these steps.


  1. Edit the file ...\NinjaTrader 7\Config.xml  with Notepad.exe.
  2. Search for <References> .  That will find the correct location where the following lines need to be deleted.
    • <string>...\NinjaTrader 7\bin\Custom\PLUSManaged.dll</string>
    • <string>...\NinjaTrader 7\bin\Custom\PLUSManagedGui.dll</string>
    • <string>...\NinjaTrader 7\bin\Custom\SharkIndicators.Common.dll</string>
    • <string>...\NinjaTrader 7\bin\Custom\SharkIndicators.BloodHound.dll</string>
  3. Delete any other lines that reference SharkIndicators, or PLUSManaged, or the .DLL file shown in the image above.
  4. Restart NinjaTrader
  5. Go to Tools -> Edit NinjaScript -> Indicator
  6. Pick any indicator to open (it doesn't matter which one)
  7. When the Editor window opens, press F5 or click the Compile button to force a compile
  8. If there are any compile errors stating there is a missing reference to SharkIndicators files, write the file names down.  These are custom NinjaScript files you have on your NinjaTrader system.
  9. Either delete those files, or move them out of the NinjaTrader folder. (These custom NinjaScript files are typically located in  \NinjaTrader 7\bin/Custom/Indicator  or  \NinjaTrader 7\bin/Custom/Strategy  directory)
  10. Go back to your code window and press F5 again.  Repeat steps 8, 9, & 10 until there are no errors.


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