How do I configure entry signals in Raven?

Take a look at the screen shots I have provided. I've highlighted in the settings the Entry Logic property. If you specify this, then BloodHound will take signals based on this logic template regardless of what's visible on your chart. IE: you could have configured the chart to display some other logic template, but it doesn't matter; it will take signals only on what's been specified.

If you leave that property to "None", it's a little more complicated. Now your signals will be dependent on what's visible on your chart. More specifically you'll see a drop down at the top of the chart as pictured in the second image by the arrow. Likely you will actually have 2 of these, one for the instance of BloodHound, and a second from Raven adding it. For less confusion, I recommend at this point actually removing the BloodHound indicator from the chart, since Raven adds it's own.

If you have No Logic Selected, as depicted in the picture, BloodHound will simply calculate an average of all your solvers. This may or may not be what you want in terms of signals. Simply click the drop down and then select the appropriate logic template corresponding to your desired signals.

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