SiRaven entries

Hi Zac and Jeremy,

I'm already a little familiar with the BloodHound. Visual it looks quit good. Lots of great options.


I use BH as an indicator and made some different logics. Visual all works well.

Then I added the SiRaven strategy.

Used the BH indicator template.

Set the same entry logic which I use in the BH indicator. (3 solvers only)

(no exit logic yet. I use the ATM strategy so far)

Enter Only When Flat: True

Manage Trade: I use my own ATM strategy and entered the same name there as I use in the ATM.

When I enable the SiRaven not only one order is placed but several. One after an other. So when one position is running a next order is placed again while the prior position is still running.

Sometimes even 5/6 orders are placed and running at the same time.

I tried to find a solution on the webside, but no luck.

Any suggestion?


Riny and Brian






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