Maintenance Period

Maintenance Period Explanation

BloodHound comes with a 1 year maintenance period, during which you can use the latest updates of BloodHound. After that period expires, you can continue to use the latest version which came out before your maintenance period expired, with no further restrictions.

You have the option to purchase a 1 year maintenance extension if you would like access to the latest updates as they are released. To do that, follow the below link that corresponds with the edition of BloodHound you own (if you're unsure which to click, contact us first)…  

BloodHound Ultimate 
BloodHound Professional 
BloodHound Standard 

After Renewal

After your purchase is complete, it may take up to an hour for the system to update your license on our server.  Once that is complete, you can refresh your license to recognize the change.  Follow this link to learn how to refresh your license… refreshing BloodHound license 

Forgoing a Maintenance Renewal

If you decide not to purchase a maintenance renewal and would like to continue using BloodHound, simply install the latest version that was released prior to your expiration date.  The below link contains a list of prior versions based on the date they were released.  For example, if your maintenance period expired on December 20, 2014 then you should use version 1.210 which was released in October 2014.  If you're not sure what version to use, contact us

Previous Versions Page


When you try to use a version of BloodHound that was released after your maintenance period expired, you may see this error message on your chart: 

Maintenance Period Error Message

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