Installing New Updates & Installation Errors

Procedure for Installing New Updates

During the Beta phase we expect there to be many updates pushed out as often as possible.

  1. Use the link that was emailed to you to open the Google form and download the Installer.  We recommend deleting the old installer to help eliminate confusion and accidents.
  2. Run the new Installer, and complete the process.  You should not need to uninstall the older version.

The version number will normally not change, but may get incremented from time to time.

Fixing Installation Issues and Errors Right After Updating

If the Installer is failing, or you immediately start getting errors when adding BloodHound or BlackBird to a chart, or errors that mention key words such as <module>, XML, or Failed to execute DB, then please follow this manual uninstall process.
If you receive an msxml4.dll error, then run the Installer as Admin.

  1. Remove Raven and/or BlackBird from the Control Center > Strategies tab.
  2. Close NinjaTrader.
  3. Open the Windows Control Panel, and Uninstall SharkIndicators.  This should remove the majority of SharkIndicators sfiles.
  4. Using Windows File Explorer go to \Documents\NinjaTrader 7\bin\Custom\  folder, and delete the following files, if found...
  5. Restart your computer.  This clears any older cached files that Windows may be holding on to.
  6. Run the Installer again.
  7. If start up errors still occur then contact us with the exact error you are getting, so we can take a look.
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