Bar Type Slot Conflict

Bar Type Slot Conflict

Ninja has a limited number of "slots" for custom bartypes
, and there is no way to know which companies are using which slots. Luckily we had foresight with this problem, so we designed our bars to be easily moved to a different slot. Please follow these instructions to change the slot of our bar:


Part #1 is to find out which slots are available in your NinjaTrader, by importing & running an indicator that will tell you which slots are available.
1) Download and import the SiInstalledBarsInfo indicator. Download link:
2) After you have imported the indicator, add SiInstalledBarsInfo to any chart. A window will open telling you which slots are available (IE, Custom0, Custom1, Final0, Final1). Write one of these slots down.


Part #2 is to Exit NinjaTrader, so the Config.xml file can be modified.
1) Close NinjaTrader
2) Open a file browser, and go to ...\Documents\NinjaTrader 7\ folder.
3) Right-click on Config.xml file, and select Edit. Notepad should open.
4) In Notepad, click the Edit pull-down menu, then select Find
5) Search for <PeriodTypes>
6) This will find the following lines of text below:


7) Find the Si bar type that is missing or conflicting with your other custom bar. Change the number in the word "Custom#" to the available slot number you found in Part #1..
9) Exit NotePad, and Save the changes.
10) Restart NinjaTrader.
11) If the bar is not listed in the Data Series, then repeat these steps and use a different Custom# or Final# slot name.  


If the above steps don't help the problem, or if you need assistance with this, please contact us

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