How do I analyze the moving average of 2 CCI outputs and a the change in direction of another?

i love the concept of bloodhound, but have been slow to ‘get’ it regarding how to set up an indicator combination such as this one using 3 indicators:
a moving average change in direction
a cci set at a period of 14
a cci set at a period of 25

when the moving average and the 2 cci outputs are in specific agreement enter long/short depending on situation. for example, when the 14 period cci is above the -100 and the 25 period cci is also above -100 enter long, but only if the ma is also up. the reverse using +100 for shorts and long exits.

any guidance/assistance in how to approach this and get it functioning would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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    after reading my post i realized i misstated the conditions for the cci’s, i want the long signal to be triggered when the 25 cci is greater than -300 and the 14 cci is greater than -100 and the moving average is up.

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    Hi Bruce,
    In putting together your conditions, I found that one condition is missing. At what value above -100 & -300 for the CCI is a long signal No longer valid? I’m guessing when either CCI crosses the zero line?

    Here is the link:

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    where is the working link?


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