How to build my EMA, TEMA, & RSI system

on ninjatrader – im trying to do a simple template but are having a heck of a time – im using a triple ema set to 4 – a rsi set to 13 – and a ema set to 142

any chance you could help me set this up?

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    Jeremy Tang

    Sure thing Tia,

    I need to ask a couple questions before I go about doing this… what are you looking for with those 3 indicators? Are you looking to capture the cross-over points of the TripleEMA with the EMA(142)? How about the slope of the EMA(142), is that important?

    For the RSI, are you looking for it to reach a certain threshold? Or looking at when it starts heading in a certain direction (or slope)?

    When designing a BloodHound system, you start by thinking about the behavior you’re trying to capture with the indicators you’ve selected.

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    yes i would like to capture the price cross-over of the triple ema and just like your example on the 100 ema for a long above 142ema and short below the 142ema – the slope of the 142ema is not important to me – on the rsi im looking for a cross of it’s zero line – to recap, long if rsi crosses its zero line, and above the 142ema and price crossing the triple ema – oh, and on a 7500 volume 24hour chart – and tia stands for (thanks in advance):)

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    The figure below shows what I believe to be your system rules .

    Short Signal Description
    Let’s start off by creating the two direction filters. The slow EMA & RSI.
    First, how to set up the slow EMA to price comparison.

     As seen below with only this solver, a green buy signal occurs when price is greater than the slow EMA, and a red sell signal when price is less than the slow EMA.

    Chart with Slow EMA solver

    Second, how to set up the RSI filter.

    RSI solver setup

    As seen below with only the RSI solver turned on, a green buy signal and red sell signal occur at the same time when the RSI is above 50, giving permission to buy & sell.

    Chart with RSI solver

    Third step, how to set up price crossing the fast Triple EMA solver.

    TEMA solver setup

    How to create a Triple EMA indicator input via feeding(or nesting) an indicator into an indicator, prior to setting up the solver.

    Indicator Nested input

    As seen below with only the Price XO TEMA solver turned on, a green buy signal is given when price crosses above the Triple EMA, and red sell signal occurs when price crosses below the Triple EMA.

    Chart with TEMA solvers

    With all three solvers turned on, we can see the system in action.

    Chart with all 3 solvers

    Next, will be to link all the solvers together using the Logic tab.

    Logic tab setup

    Below is the final output.

    Chart with final output

    If you have any further question, please don’t hesitate to ask. 

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    Chris Zylstra


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