How to use go short when the MACD is above a threshold, and long when the MACD is below a threshold.

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I am trying to program the anaMACD to use it in some of the extremes. For a JPY chart it should only go short when it is above 0.04 or greater and long when it is below -.04. For non JPY pairs is is .0004 and -.0004.


To create signals when the MACD gets to a certain threshold, use a Indicator Crossover and check the MACD (Indicator A) against an absolute value set to -0.04 or 0.04 for (Indicator B).

The tricky part is you have to do this once for the LONG side, and once for the SHORT side. So you have to set up the above solver to only do the long side (setting "Evaluate" to Long only) and then repeat it for the SHORT side.

Finally you tie the two solvers together with an OR node.

The following video illustrates how to do this using the stochastics (which applies the exact same principle).

Video Link:

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