How Do You Do a Double Crossover? (using a Stochastics example)

Jeremy, this is amazing software, unfortunately I can only figure out about 5% of it. How would I do a double crossover, such as Stochastics painting a green stripe when it crosses above the 20 and painting a red stripe when it crosses down below the 80? Thanks for your help.

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    Hi Alpo1,

    There are a couple of ways to implement what you are wanting to do by using a secondary solver as a filter.  In discussing it last night with Jeremy, we decided to add a new filter within all solvers.  Just for you :) .  As Jeremy mentioned, please download the latest version.  It can be installed over the previous version.

    Below is how to create your request…

    Add a Indicator Crossover solver, and change the settings according to the image.

    Next, select the solver and click the copy button.  Then edit the second solver to match the this image.

    Next, select the Logic tab, click New, add the 2 Solver Nodes and the OR Logic Node, then connect it up.

    Here is the result below.

    I hope this helps.  Thanks for asking your question.  It helped us improve the product.

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    Chris Zylstra

    Just want to pipe up breifly and generally (surprise, suprise) here to say that I think one of the most efficient (from a user perspective now, often very different from builders view and definition of 'efficient') methods of teaching the software will be to create base level strategies that users can mess around with, reset to default, go over to the next one, each strategy keeping down to a couple solvers/filters so users can witness their effect without distraction and purely, then start lumping them together. If there's a digest of these somewhere and I missed it sorry for being redundant.

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    Mandeep Toor

    Zac can show how we can add moving average crossover with this Stochastic example. Example, I would only buy if Stochastic is over 20 and my EMA 10/30 crosses over for a long and vice-a-versa for the short.

    Appreciate your help.

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    Mike Bandy

    Mandeep, that is a slightly different system than what is mentioned above. But, here is what you would need in order to accomplish your goals.

    1) Create a Crossover Solver and set Indicator A = EMA 10 and Indicator B = EMA 30. This will indicate the EMA crossover. 
    2) Create a Threshold Solver and set Indicator A = Stochastics (with desired indicator settings.) Example settings for this are listed below. 
    3) Create an And Node and connect the Crossover and Threshold Solvers into the input and connect the output to the Result Node.



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