How to get racing stripes only on main price panel

Originally from ticket #163.

Is it possible to set BH to show racing stripes only in the price panel, or in price panel & BH panel but not it the other indicator panels ?

Hi Randy,

We can use NinjaTrader's indicator configuration to do this. We basically need to place BH to be only on the main price panel, but change the scale so that BH remains on the bottom.

1) First, open up the Indicator panel (Ctrl-I).
2) Select BloodHound, then proceed to change the settings in the right hand pane.
3) Set the Show Racing Stripes to false
4) Then set the Panel (under Visual) to be: "same as input series"
5) Set Scale Justification to "Left"
6) Next hit OK, and double click the left scale on the chart
7) This will bring up the chart panel properties, now set the Range under left scale to Fixed
8) Change the Maximum to 25, and Minimum to -1

Just be aware that it's possible for the chart objects to collide with the BloodHound indicator. But what you can do is click on the BloodHound bars in the chart and then holding the shift key use the mouse wheel. That will put BH above or below other chart objects so that price bars can be drawn on top (or underneath) BH if desired.


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