Median, Typical, High's and Low's

Could you please address the following for me, I need to configure a solver to give me a signal when a bar touches (bar high, low) but not necessarily crosses an MA indicator line.  Can see no easy way to do this.  You don't seem to have any facility to evaluate bar data that is available in NT for indicators, eg bar Median, Typical, etc (unless I'm looking in the wrong place). 

Best regards

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    Jeremy Tang

    Hi Brian!

    Glad to see that you are trying it again.

    To bring in Median, Typical, High's and Low's etc, simply select the indicator (included with BloodHound) SiChameleon. Additionally, you can also use SiChameleon to feed into other indicators.

    For instance, suppose you want an EMA of the last 10 Highs. First select EMA as your indicator, set the period to 10, then select SiChameleon, selecting High Bounds as the Plot.

    See the attached screen shot.

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    Warren Hansen

    I think this is close to what I am looking for but not exactly. I need a solver that indicates Long when the low of a bar =< an 8 EMA. Any Ideas. If not <= then the low touching the Ema is fine.



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    Warren Hansen

    A better way to say it is I am looking for a long when the candle is touching or across the 8 ema. Here is a picture

    Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.31.01 PM.png
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