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I am trying to identify when a candle closes above/below the SuperTrend indicator using Bloodhound.

I am using the Indicator Crossover Solver, with Indicator A being set to Closing Price and Indicator B being set to TSSuperTrend with the UpTrend signal being defined as Long and DownTrend being defined as Short.

The only racing stripes I see is when I set the 'No Crossover' parameter to 1, this paints all the bars except where a cross-over has occurred and the next candle to it. So I believe the cross-over is being seen in some way by Bloodhound; however, if I set either 'Crosses in Direction' or 'Crosses against Direction' or both to 1 and set 'No Crossover' to 0, I see no racing stripes at all, no matter what else I change.

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but I can't figure out what.

I look forward to you telling me what I'm doing wrong.

I have attached an image of my screens.

Many thanks,


p.s. I thought your webinar last night with Triple Threat Trading was great, especially where you demonstrated the power of the back-testing, which I hadn't realised was so simple to set-up.

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    Jeremy Tang

    Hi Phil, 

    It appears that the price never actually crosses the lines on the same bar. If you look closely on the bars that go below a previous uptrend plot, the indicator shuts down that plot, and plots the downtrend and vice versa.

    If you're looking for the points where the trend changes (IE: you're trying to read when the TSSuperTrend is telling you you're in a bullish condition, vs a bearish condition) then what you really want to do is test the "Trend" BoolSeries in the plots.

    To do this, use an Indicator Threshold instead. TSSuperTrend outputs a 1 in the Trend BoolSeries when the trend is bullish and 0 otherwise. So select Indicator Threshold, set the indicator to TSSuperTrend and select the "Trend" BoolSeries in the plots selection (right hand side). Next in the Threshold solver settings set:

    Threshold A to 1 (you want to detect a 1 for bullish)

    Long Output, At A or Greater to 1 
    Short Output, At B to 1 (this will give you a positive short output when Trend is 0, IE: bearish)

    See the attached screenshots as examples.


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