Clock and Stopwatch Logic Nodes

It would be a great improvement if BH could be configured to trigger indicator signals based on historical timestamps or from the system clock. I’d like to recommend a new feature of including and ‘Clock’ and ‘Stopwatch’ logic nodes. With a Clock logic node, one could program Trading Windows within the daily market session to avoid or trigger entry and exit conditions.

My current automated trading system tries to buy the dip for a swing trade, but sometimes the indicators don’t line up for an ideal buy and it misses the ideal buy point.  If price does move higher…Rather than miss out on the run, I use a ‘late entry’ algo, that triggers a position entry order based on hourly windows until indicator conditions no longer warrant a ‘late entry’. Works great!  A ‘Flag’ type logic wouldn’t work under these condition since the indicators never line up. Fuzzy logic might catch the exact bottom but cause excessive whipsaw. So, a ‘Clock’ logic node would be a good addition.

In my example case, the user might need to configure the clock node parameters to accept:

Minute = 30
Hour = 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Which would mean Output TRUE, if: Current Bar Timestamp is equal to: 10:30 OR 11:30 OR 12:30 OR 13:30 OR 14:30 OR 15:30.  Parameter setting that accept multiple conditions would be more flexible than requiring several clock nodes, one for each time.

A ‘Stopwatch’ logic node would be a good addition for implementing timeout targets. Time targets could be used to exit a trade if a price target is not reached within some expected time period.

The ‘Stopwatch’ logic node would be a variation of a ‘Clock’ logic node, in which specific run times or timeout periods would give logic signal outputs based on the system clock. The ‘Stopwatch’ logic node would take a logic input signal to start a countdown timer. When the timer expired, the output would be set.  A stop input might also be used to stop the timer. A reset input might also be used to restart timeout timer.

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