Flag Logic Node

I was looking at the features of the Wizard Lab visual programming tool in Prodigio RTS. called Wizard Lab that has function blocks similar to the logic nodes in BH. One interesting functional block is the Flag block.

I’d like to recommend a new feature which would be adding a ‘Flag’ logic node, where if certain conditions were met, a flag could be ‘set’ and remain valid (flagged) until such time as another condition is met (reset) where the flag would be cleared (reset).  So the ‘Flag’ logic node would need two inputs (set, reset) and one or more outputs.

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    Good idea.  Thx b

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    Randy Owen

    I use the "Toggle Logic Node" as a Flag Logic Node.

    I personally haven't had a need for true toggling yet however, many of my setups use a SET/RESET function (exactly as you describe the Flag Node would)

    As an example, if the first bar to have both Hi & Lo above a moving average Toggles the value to 1 just to have the very next bar which is also above the MA, Toggles it back to zero, serves no purpose.

    I instruct the Toggle node to SET to 1 until a signal (like first bar to have Hi & Lo below the MA) RESETs it.

    I accomplish this by using the following Toggle Node settings:

    (Input) On Signal = Force On

    (Input) On Opposite Signal = No Action

    (Reset) On Signal = Force Off

    (Reset) On Opposite Signal = Force Off

    Hope that was helpful...


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