divergence solver?!

Originally from ticket #238.


I recently joined for a trial, after sawing some of your recorded webinars. I must admit is a bit overwhelming for a start, but is a nice toy :)

I thought to email you and suggest you a new feature, just in case you didn't thought of it already. I think will be very nice to have a divergence solver, where you can input another indicator (would great if could work with custom ones not just NT build it), make some settings (lookback, strength, etc) and obtain divergence between price and respective indicator. There are a couple indicators out there doing that, but i think a BH solver would make divergence based strategies way easier to create.

If there is already a way of doing this and i missed, please let me know.

Thanks for reading this.


Hi Marius,

We are absolutely going to include divergence as a feature in the future. Thanks for the suggestion!

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