Trade Management (SiRaven)

Hi Zac and Jeremy,

a wonderful product, great seminars, and a big thanks for all the generous support you guys are providing through the various channels. (How do you have time for all this? :)

Some minor suggestions:

1. it would be nice to be able to choose the ATM Template Name from a drop-down box instead of having to type it in. (under the SiRaven strategy window, after choosing ATM).  (although I guess Falcon will take of this).

2. I may be running SiRaven on several charts with ATMs attached to the logic, but I only want one trade to run at any one time. Can I achieve that now somehow?

3. after selecting a Solver, could you make the text in the Description field justified/self-align in several rows, so the full text can be read without having to resize the window? I often have to resort to that text, just to remind me what a Solver does.

These are nothing major of course, but since you asked...

Thanks and looking forward to it all!




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    Brian Davies

    To follow in the same topic, I have a few additional comments:

    At present we have in Raven the ability to place a limit order on the signal which works well, however I believe exit signals only trigger an at market close which in a fast market results in unwanted slippage.


    In future releases, will there be the option to nominate an indicator with a +/- offset that will control the Stop Order, so that it follows an MA or ATR Stop Loss line etc?


    Will we be able to split the stops so that individual positions are exited on certain conditions? I imagine this would need a change in BH to produce additional categories of signals. (Entry, Stop 1, Stop 2 etc).


    One simple change I would like to see, is on Raven could we have the account ID shown as in the Ninja Chart Trader? There is no indication right now to see if it is live or sim unless the strategy window is opened.


    We still have the Raven strategy automatically enabled when first applied. I find this makes adding Raven to a chart (especially one for scalping) very tricky as the Chart and BH take a long time to load I am left in the dark as to what the market is doing and when the chart re-appears can be placed straight into a trade. This would not matter for slow or 100% automatic systems, but for discretionary semi-automated trading I have to be so careful.  Perhaps this is just a reflection on my logic building skill level lol!


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