Multiple "Results" Nodes

I monitor a couple of different markets at the same time so, I like to have my programs warn me when entering setup areas. This gives me time to focus and look at the context of the market before making the decision to enter a trade or not. My current NinjaTrader custom strategies gives me this ability.

After setting up the logic in BH representing one of these strategies, it occurs to me that having just one Result node allows me to plot my setup area or signal bar(s) but not both. Maybe it could be done with a seperate instance of BH running but, then it would require BH to calculate 95% of the strategy twice. (Huge waste of resources)

If the first Result node could plot the setup area and also feed as an input along with some signal logic, a second Result node could overlay a signal line in the setup area.

Multiple Result nodes could also be used to indicate different signal types on the same chart. eg.(non-filtered and filtered signals) as just one example.

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    Daniel Roe

    I like this idea, as well, Randy. And having the ability to shade the background different colors for different result nodes would be pretty cool, too. 

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