password protection

Hi guys, could you add some password protection feature to the templates?



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    Brian Davies

    I agree with this Bercee. As traders we endeavour to find an edge over other traders and in developing BH logic templates with our trading buddies etc often send copies to one another via e-mail or Cloud etc. After all the hard work the last thing we want is for our IP to be compromised. A simple password protection would be a valuable feature. Each time the BH template is loaded, the password would need to be input to enable it.

    However, short of totally locking the file or using a central registered user server, a more secure solution would be to have the template registered to the machine ID which can only be changed by the template file author. So my machine ID would be included by default and if I wanted to share my template I would add other machine ID's to a user list in the file properties. The only way this could be compromised, is if a registered user decides to recreate the logic in a new file by manually copying the logic design and all the settings.


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