Controlling a strategy based on trade trend

I would like to see a way to control a strategy that  the user would want to trade both long and short directions but do so in a more "global" manner.  For example, if there were a way to turn off (or set) a trade direction with a logic element based on the outcome of whatever method the user uses to make that determination.  This method should not and need not be contained in the primary strategy logic.

I would envision this "set trade direction" logic element connected to one of the connections on an And gate just prior to the Results logic element.. The other And gate connector would be from the primary strategy logic flow. The effect of this would be to 1. turn off the opposite direction if its on, and 2. turn on the specified direction if it is not.

This would remove the requirement to 1. put that logic into the primary logic flow, 2. make it easier to modify, and 3. become more reusable in other templates.




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