Position (or market) flat after an "overfill".

Market flat after an undesired overfill :  NinjaTrader (as well other platform vendors) provide (through  their strategy wizards) the ability to the strategy developer to code easily (via their wizard) a strategy which can protect a Trade position  from undesired overfills as well as automatically re-enter the Trade after a "flat position" takes place after an overfill.  Usually, if an overfill takes place the position becomes flat or uncontrolled Number of orders are quickly placed in an undesired way.  There is a simple way to code the strategy to avoid this overfill  and if, accidentally, such an overfill takes place, there is also another simple way to code the startegy (through Ninja's wizard) to place a re-entry order (on the  " fly"  or after the close of the current or any of the any next bar). The "flatted position" (as a result of an order's  overfill) is a crucial and important position (or market) state and  is very  unique . I dont see any BH's   particular or unique or  distinguished tool which can easily be used by the trader to overcome directly an undesired  "overfill" situation. So, it may be a good idea BH's designers to design and make available for use a Special "position (or Market) flat" tool that could be used directly in the Logic diagram in Connection with the other tools.


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