How to Submit a Bug Report & Checklist of Bug Fixes

Needed Information

The following list is the minimum information needed when submitting a bug.

  1. Error message.  If there is an error message, either copy the text or take a screenshot.
  2. Files to Submit.
    1. The BlackBird Settings (.bbs) file.  Please save your settings and then attach the file.  It is located in \NinjaTrader 7\templates\BlackBird\  folder.
    2. Is BlackBird running with 'Calculate on bar Close' set to true or false?
    3. The BloodHound template (.bht) file.  If you used BloodHound signals in BlackBird please attach the BloodHound file.   It is located in \NinjaTrader 7\templates\BloodHound\  folder.
    4. NinjaTrader Trace file.  It is located in \NinjaTrader 7\Trace\  folder.  Only attach the file that has the date the error occurred.
    5. NinjaTrader Log file.  It is located in \NinjaTrader 7\log\  folder.  Only attach the file that has the date the error occurred.
    6. SharkIndicators Trace file.  It is located in \NinjaTrader 7\Trace\  folder.  There may not be a file.  This file is only created if BlackBird catches an error.  Only attach the file that has the date the error occurred.  Do Not attach a old SharkIndicators Trace file. 
  3. Screenshots.  Save screenshots as .jpg or .png file types to reduce file size.
    1. 'Order Settings' menu.  If the issue is regarding a menu/interface setting inside the 'Order Settings' window, take a screenshot of it and point it out.
    2. Chart.  If the chart will help explain what should have happened.

 Here is a good example of a detailed screenshot that was created using a screen capture software such as Jing or PicPick,...

Please Note: File attachments must be smaller than 1 MB.  Save screenshots as .jpg or .png file types.  Other image types make large files.  Sometimes your Trace or Log files may be to large, in which case its ok to omit those files.


Submitting a Report

To submit a report, click the 'BlackBird Beta' link above...


Then click 'Add Article'...



Spreadsheet of Bugs & Enhancements

Google Spreadsheet:

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    Bob Kost

    To submit a bug report do I click on the tab above that says submit a request?  Not sure if that goes to general support forum or just to blackbird support.

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    Keith Wolf

    Hi Bob, the easiest way to submit a bug report is to go to the BlackBird Beta section here: and click on the button "Add Article".  This lets you add a new item to the BlackBird Beta section.  Let us know if you need further assistance with this. - Keith

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