Menu window erroneously left open (Resolved)

Unfortunately screen shots can not be taken of this condition using Jing so I listed the steps to recreate it

In the BB settings window:

1. select Add Stop Loss

2  select Custom

3. Open the custom Options window >> Trading Actions tab

4.set mode to Custom and add a new trading rule

 5. The Action entry is where the window gets left open

   a. action = Move to Last

   b in the Move Relative selection panel select the down arrow on Last

   c. this should open another window "Select Mode"

6. At this point move the mouse back to the Order set Stop Custom section and press the left mouse button.   All of the other open windows will close except the last one opened (Select Mode). It appears that it will stay opened until closed manually.

 Maybe it is supposed to work that way however, my belief is that one intentionally selects something outside of the area being worked on then no action was dwesired other than to cancel the in-process operation.

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    Hi Frank, the window can easily be closed by clicking the X on the corner of the window.

    We looked into this already and discovered it is an issue with the version of Dev Express (the makers of BB's User Interface) that is compatible with NT7.  Because NT7 runs on a much older version of .NET, BB has to use an older verions of Dev Express.  This issue will be corrected with NT8, because NT8 is compatible with the latest version of Dev Express which corrects this issue.

    Video of issue:

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    Frank Gemma

    Hi Zac:

    OK, thanks for the explanation.

    I didn't have any problem closing the window which wasn't the purpose of reporting it as a problem.  I obviously didn't know all of the history why it doesn't  work so I consider it resolved too.

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