Blackbird Layout Menu (Resolved)

Not sure if this is supposed to work the way it does,  but seems a bit strange. 

Clicking on the BB layout menu item in the chart window causes a drop down menu to appear.  The default has 4 or the 5  items checked.  Checking the last  causes the Order Monitor panel to appear but both the BB Layout menu and the template menu items disappear.  Closing the Order Monitor panel causes them both to reappear. 

While maybe the intent was to make the BB Layout menu disappear when all of the panels are displayed but why make the template menu disappear?  Also, closing any of the other panels controlled by the BB Layout does not have the same effect.  To get the layout menu item back the Order Monitor panel must be closed.   This means if the BB LAyout menu is not visible and you close let's say the Trade control Panel to make it visible again the Order Monitor Panel must be closed to get the BB Layout menu to reappear so the the Trade Control panel can be re enabled.


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