Crash report on 05/09/2016

I was loading a strategy and then got a crash report.  I tried loading again and got the same report.  The 3rd time I loaded the strategy, I did not get a crash report.  The attached output window was when I did not get the crash report because I turned the output window on after the two crashes.  I am running this strategy on 3 other charts and it has been working fine. The only difference is I had a target and stop on this strategy and 75 ultimate tic chart.   I am using ultimate tic bars and not the standard min or tic charts.  Not sure why this happened but seems to be working ok now.  I included as many files as possible so you may find the problem.  The target is 20 tics and stop loss is 10 tics in case you need to know even though it does not show in the setup menu. If you need more information let me know.  I will try to duplicate this crash again if I can.





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    Hi Bob, that is a BH multi-timeframe issue where Ninja does not have the multi-timeframe chart data available yet.  This issue is corrected in the other BH beta installer, but the fix was merged into the BlackBird build yet.  We'll get the BH with BB updated to the latest improvements with the next BB update.

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