Get message that setting will take effect when position is flat, but I did not change any settings (Resolved)

At times I want to make sure I have the proper settings so I will click on the order settings and make sure I have the correct settings.  When I close out the order settings menu, I get the message  " New settings will take effect after position is flat."  However I did not make any changes to the settings so this probably needs to be corrected to avoid confusion so the trader does not think something has changed in the settings when it did not.  The attached chart shows the message I got after clicking on the Order settings and then  closing down the Oder settings with making no changes.  

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    Hi, Bob, thanks for the suggestion.  I do agree.  To eliminate that message when it does not apply requires a major software infrastructure to do that check, even though it seems so simple for a human.  So this probably will not be implement this year.


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