The Exit option in the + Signal area seems incomplete (Resolved)

Selecting the "Indicator Based Signal" in  "+ Signal" area opens a panel where either an Entry and/or an Exit signal can be set.  The drop down list box in the Entry option  has entries that can be selected.   The Exit Option also contains a drop down list box however there are no selectable entries.  It is unclear whether there are supposed to be entries here like the Entry option or there is a different purpose.  As is, the drop down list box serves no purpose and adds to confusion as to the intent.

Unfortunately its not possible to capture  detailed screenshots because these are not normal windows panels and close when attempting to capture a SS.  The one attached shows the general area being referenced.

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    Hi Frank,  this has been fixed.  It looks like you are running an older beta version 1.232.5975.  Try downloading the latest BB version and then see if the BloodHound Exit Signals menu works correctly.  Thanks.

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