Latest BETA Installer (7-5-2016) Crashes Win7 system (Resolved)

The BETA installer sent out on 7-5-2016:

'SharkIndicators-Installer-1.232.6030-BETA-BH-and-BlackBird-20160705.4-Trace' somehow created a 'blue screen' windows crash before it could complete the installation.  

I had uninstalled the previous BETA version from 'Control Panel' prior to the new install:


When I then tried to reinstall the BETA version prior to the crash (directly above), it also then crashed the system with a 'blue screen'.  I wasn't able to capture any error messages.

One other thing I noticed with the prior working version was when the 'dev' extensions were included, it seemed very erratic...  after I removed the BETA and reinstalled with out the 'dev' extensions, the problems seemed to be resolved.  I wasn't able to get any specifics about this.

I finally did a sfc/SCANNOW and the system seems to be intact.  A Norton System Registry check also didn't have any significant problems.




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    Stephen Gielow

    anyone else have a similar issue?

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    Hi Stephen,

      Sorry for the Blue screen crash.  Those are never fun.  Blue screen crashes are caused by hardware/driver failures.  The text in that blue screen mentions the hardware driver that crashed, which will help you identify the hardware at fault.  It would be a good idea to do a memory test at the very least.  Although, it could be another piece of hardware that's the cause.

      I suggest following these steps to insure all older files are removed to eliminate any mixture of old and new files.

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    Stephen Gielow

    Thank you Zac,

    I tried memory test, video driver update, registry scan, disk repair, etc.

    Finally, the solution was found with  MS Hotfix:

    'Hotfix for Windows (KB2764302)' to patch a memory leak of some sort. 
    I'm not sure why it wasn't automatically installed with all the other ongoing updates...   The BETA install must have uncovered the fact that the MS update was necessary.

    The latest Blackbird Beta and Bloodhound are now up and running.

    Thanks again,



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