BB Losses Control of it's Own Orders After a Ninja Restart (Resolved)

BB can not regain control of his working orders if Ninja needs to restart after a freeze.

I saw this multiple times but now I can document this.

In the Account Performance/Trades you can see 2 different entries on 6E: one on 1.11215 (3 lots) and second one later at 1.1126 with 5 lots.

The second one was entered after ninja freeze and need to restart it.

After the restart BB did not see any working orders of the previous entry.

After the second entry was made BB shows to take profit on this second entry but Ninja closed positions from the first one.

No active/working  order were shown before the second entry neither after the close of second entry on BB.

The last take profit was made manually.



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    Hi Cristian, that is a limitation of NinjaTrader.  When you have to restart, Ninja losses important information about the orders, and therefore does not know that the orders were generated from a strategy(BlackBird).  Since Ninja does not know the orders came from a strategy, Ninja does not communicate to BlackBird that the orders belong to it, so there is know way for BlackBird to pick up and continue managing the orders.  NinjaTrader has guidelines in there Help Guide for this type of issue.  If you would like more help on this topic please feel free to contact NinjaTrader support.

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