Closing all trades at the end of the day (Solved)

I have all my entries and exits setup, but only want to run these CME futures trades during day margin RTH periods (0830-1515 central).  I set up the allowed times to trade, and basically told Blackbird that the last allowable trade is at 1445.  However, if I do get a trade late in the session, I want to ensure it closes out before 1515.  

I spent some time looking for something that would do this, and noting seems to stand out.  Could I get a hint on where to go for this?


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    Hi Rikki, use the same technique as Raven uses to exit trades.  Create an exit logic in BH, and then use that exit logic in BB's Signal menu.  Here is a video showing how to build the exit logic.  See topic #2.

    In a later update BB will include Exit times in the scheduler.

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    Rikki Deere

    Hi Zac,


    Thanks for the link - I'll make sure to review that training session.  I have another exit question, but will post that on another thread.

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