(Solved) Taking over another BB

Hi SI,

Could you help me on how to do the following:

BB1 is in a trade on S1 (Stock 1) but the order is only partially filled. In the mean time, BB2 receives a triggering signal and needs to:

1. close out the S1 order BB1 is in and then

2. fully use all remaining buying power (ad-hoc calculation of # of shares) to enter a trade on S2, firstly using a limit order and having the trade partially filled and after the price has changed a specific delta (eg, $1), close out the partially filled order and enter a market order using all the remaining buying power.

If possible, could you demo it in this week's training? Thanks in advance!

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    1. NinjaTrader does not allow strategies to communicate or affect each other.  Therefore, that is not possible.
    2. "...after the price has changed a specific delta (eg, $1)".  BB uses indicators to provide the trade signals.  What indicator are you using to detect that condition?
      BB does not have any feedback when a partially fill occurs.


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