BlackBird 1.232.6152 (Public Release)

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Thanks for stopping by. This post will focus on updates coming to BlackBird in the near future. Here is where you can get all the information about the latest Beta build including the features being added and the bugs being addressed. If you would like to take part in helping us test our newest features, please email us at or comment on this post.


V.1.232.6152 (Public Release)

  • New feature added OCO Order Set » Trailing Actions tab » Trigger On » Order Status Changed.
  • New feature added OCO Order Set » Trailing Actions tab » Trigger On » Trade Signal Trigger.
  • Improvement to order trailing (Trailing Actions) speed and accuracy.  Previously the Last price was used to calculate the Profit/Loss for Trailing Actions conditions.  Now the Bid & Ask is used to calculate Profit/Loss.
  • Corrected an issue with OCO Order Set » Trailing Actions tab » Trigger On, Action, and Repeat sections.  Sometimes changing settings in these areas would be lost after clicking outside the menu.
  • More feature still to come.

 Click here for more information.


Bug fixes:

  • Sometimes values in some settings would not save as expected
  • Other various minor fixes



Bug fixes:

  • Time/Bars trigger in the Repeat Until function of the Trailing Actions were not working correctly



New features included:
  • Watermark and Max Profit/Loss can now be triggered during an active trade (unrealized profits)
  • Scheduling now allows you to force exits at the end of a session time block
Bug fixes:
  • Trigger Actions based on Entry price causing unexpected closure
  • Moving order flags now properly disables auto-trailing
  • Account performance calculations affecting watermark functionality
  • Entry orders not submitting properly on some brokers on the second trade

If you've encountered any of these bugs, we would encourage you to contact us immediately to get a link to download the latest beta build.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us.


SharkIndicators Team

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