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Mike Bandy Oct 12 1 BlackBird Bugs / Feedback

Hi Traders,


Thanks for stopping by. This post will focus on updates coming to BlackBird in the near future. Here is where you can get all the information about the latest Beta build including the features being added and the bugs being addressed. If you would like to take part in helping us test our newest features, please email us at support@sharkindicators.com or comment on this post.


Bug fixes:

  • Time/Bars trigger in the Repeat Until function of the Trailing Actions were not working correctly



New features included:
  • Watermark and Max Profit/Loss can now be triggered during an active trade (unrealized profits)
  • Scheduling now allows you to force exits at the end of a session time block
Bug fixes:
  • Trigger Actions based on Entry price causing unexpected closure
  • Moving order flags now properly disables auto-trailing
  • Account performance calculations affecting watermark functionality
  • Entry orders not submitting properly on some brokers on the second trade

If you've encountered any of these bugs, we would encourage you to contact us immediately to get a link to download the latest beta build.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us.


SharkIndicators Team


Zac Jun 30 1 BlackBird Bugs / Feedback

Save these (.bbs) files to  ...\NinjaTrader 7\templates\BlackBird  folder.

Demo 1

This is a simple OCO set with 10 contracts to demonstrate the Dynamic Planning > Scale to Fit feature that automatic adjusts the number of contracts to fit the $1500 maximum 'Risk Per Trade' set in the Money Management.
Profit Target = 20 ticks
   No Trailing Actions

Stop loss = 15 ticks
   No Trailing Actions

Demo 2

this is a more advanced OCO set to demonstrate moderately advanced Trailing Actions for the entry, profit target, and stop loss orders.
Entry = Limit order
   Initial Placement = SMA 5
   Trailing Actions:
       Ent@SMA5 = Move the entry order to the SMA 5 at the close of every bar.

Profit Target = 30 ticks
   Initial Placement = 30 ticks
   Trailing Actions:
   Evaluate Using = Action Closest to Price.  (Whichever trailing rule moves the P/T closest to the market price is executed.)
       PT HMA Tighten = (For a Long trade)  When the Close price is below the HMA 21, then the P/T will tighten by taking the highest high of the last 6 bars and add +7 ticks.
       PT @ 30tk = This rule continuously tries to move the P/T out to 30 ticks from the entry price. (provided PT HMA Tighten is not moving the P/T closer to the market price)

 Stop loss = Swing Point or ParabolicSAR
   Initial Placement = Swing Point Low or High
   Trailing Actions:
   Evaluate Using = Action Closest to Price.  (Whichever trailing rule moves the S/L closest to the market price is executed.)
       SL HMA Tighten = (For a Long trade)  When the Close price is below the HMA 21, then the S/L will tighten by taking the bar's Close price and subtracting 8 ticks.
       Follow Swings = (For a Long trade)  This rule continuously tries to move the S/L to the last swing point low, as calculated by the SiSwingHighsLows indicator. (provided this rule is moving the S/L closest to the market price)
       Follow PSAR =  After 15 ticks of profit, this rule continuously tries to move the S/L to the ParabolicSAR indicator. (provided this rule is moving the S/L closest to the market price)

Zac Apr 25 13 BlackBird Bugs / Feedback

This post is to centralize all suggestions in one location.  Our goal is to design BlackBird to accommodate the way most traders trade, so that  trading becomes quicker, faster, and overall more convenient..  We may not be able to add every custom bell & whistle, but we do want to give it a try and hear what you have to say.  Please feel free to share your ideas here.

Zac Apr 20 Community Help (General Support)

Procedure for Installing New Updates

During the Beta phase we expect there to be many updates pushed out as often as possible.

  1. Use the link that was emailed to you to open the Google form and download the Installer.  We recommend deleting the old installer to help eliminate confusion and accidents.
  2. Run the new Installer, and complete the process.  You should not need to uninstall the older version.

The version number will normally not change, but may get incremented from time to time.

Fixing Installation Issues and Errors Right After Updating

If the Installer is failing, or you immediately start getting errors when adding BloodHound or BlackBird to a chart, or errors that mention key words such as <module>, XML, or Failed to execute DB, then please follow this manual uninstall process.
If you receive an msxml4.dll error, then run the Installer as Admin.

  1. Remove Raven and/or BlackBird from the Control Center > Strategies tab.
  2. Close NinjaTrader.
  3. Open the Windows Control Panel, and Uninstall SharkIndicators.  This should remove the majority of SharkIndicators sfiles.
  4. Using Windows File Explorer go to \Documents\NinjaTrader 7\bin\Custom\  folder, and delete the following files, if found...  http://screencast.com/t/dPfUzDnHr
  5. Restart your computer.  This clears any older cached files that Windows may be holding on to.
  6. Run the Installer again.
  7. If start up errors still occur then contact us with the exact error you are getting, so we can take a look.

Zac Apr 7 2 BlackBird Bugs / Feedback

Needed Information

The following list is the minimum information needed when submitting a bug.

  1. Error message.  If there is an error message, either copy the text or take a screenshot.
  2. Files to Submit.
    1. The BlackBird Settings (.bbs) file.  Please save your settings and then attach the file.  It is located in \NinjaTrader 7\templates\BlackBird\  folder.
    2. Is BlackBird running with 'Calculate on bar Close' set to true or false?
    3. The BloodHound template (.bht) file.  If you used BloodHound signals in BlackBird please attach the BloodHound file.   It is located in \NinjaTrader 7\templates\BloodHound\  folder.
    4. NinjaTrader Trace file.  It is located in \NinjaTrader 7\Trace\  folder.  Only attach the file that has the date the error occurred.
    5. NinjaTrader Log file.  It is located in \NinjaTrader 7\log\  folder.  Only attach the file that has the date the error occurred.
    6. SharkIndicators Trace file.  It is located in \NinjaTrader 7\Trace\  folder.  There may not be a file.  This file is only created if BlackBird catches an error.  Only attach the file that has the date the error occurred.  Do Not attach a old SharkIndicators Trace file. 
  3. Screenshots.  Save screenshots as .jpg or .png file types to reduce file size.
    1. 'Order Settings' menu.  If the issue is regarding a menu/interface setting inside the 'Order Settings' window, take a screenshot of it and point it out.
    2. Chart.  If the chart will help explain what should have happened.

 Here is a good example of a detailed screenshot that was created using a screen capture software such as Jing or PicPick,...  http://screencast.com/t/XK2RiBpV3uDR

Please Note: File attachments must be smaller than 1 MB.  Save screenshots as .jpg or .png file types.  Other image types make large files.  Sometimes your Trace or Log files may be to large, in which case its ok to omit those files.


Submitting a Report

To submit a report, click the 'BlackBird Beta' link above...


Then click 'Add Article'...



Spreadsheet of Bugs & Enhancements

Google Spreadsheet: